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Export an entire year from Venmo

January 5, 2024
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I recently wanted to pull an entire year of Venmo records. According to Venmo's docs, you can pull a month at a time very easily, and then they indicate below section:

I need to access a full statement in preparation for tax season

Follow the steps above to access and view your statement one month at a time (you can’t access the entire year all at once).


I was disappointed. This would take quite a few clicks.

Then the breakthrough came. I noticed when exporting a single month, the URL had params for the requested dates "startDate" and "endDate" - I changed the values to the full year I needed, and it worked!


Sure enough I have the data I need easily for multiple years. So, the API does not strictly prohibit the full year export, it's just not a feature of the Venmo UI.